• Kit vidéo de recul avec écran LCD 5'' • RVU-5W
  • Kit vidéo de recul avec écran LCD 5'' • RVU-5W
  • Kit vidéo de recul avec écran LCD 5'' • RVU-5W
  • Kit vidéo de recul avec écran LCD 5'' • RVU-5W
  • Kit vidéo de recul avec écran LCD 5'' • RVU-5W
Kit vidéo de recul avec écran LCD 5'' • RVU-5W

Reversing video kit with 5" LCD screen • RVU-5W

: RVU-5W

RVU-5W • Reversing video kit with 5" LCD screen

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The RVU-5W kit is specially designed for commercial vehicles. Its 5" LCD screen and flexible micro-camera with integrated LEDs make it a complete and powerful kit for your vehicle.

Main functions 

The RVU-5W is a reversing video kit for commercial vehicles (vans, light trucks) 

• When reversing, the reversing video system automatically switches on. 
• The screen allows you to view the rear blind spot so that you can reverse safely. 
• As soon as you stop reversing, the system is inactive. 
• Different coloured template lines allow you to see the distances during a manoeuvre 
• The kit has 2 video inputs, so you can add a second camera.
• The kit can be coupled with a reversing radar, for optimal safety (réf. RVU-RR1)

Kit composition

Contenu du kit BEEPER RVU-5W

A. Flexible camera (x1)
B. Fixing adhesive for flexible camera (x1)
C. 5" LCD screen (x1)
D. Swivel support for 5" screen (x1)
E. RCA connector (x1)
F. 12 m. extension cable for reversing video (x1)
G. Optional JACK connector (for connecting a 2nd camera) (x1)
H. Tube of mastic sealing (x1)

System activation and deactivation

The system activates automatically when the vehicle is shifted into reverse. It deactivates automatically when the vehicle is shifted into another gear or into neutral.

Installation of the display in the passenger compartment

The rotating support will allow you to use your screen in all directions.


The dimensions of the 5" LCD screen are 126 x 89 x 60 mm (screen diagonal: 12.4 cm)

The dimensions of the flexible micro-camera are : 48 x 31 x 18 mm

Function of the screen

The 5" screen of the BEEPER RVU-5W kit has several adjustable functions (brightness, contrast, etc.). The adjustment is made using the +, MENU, - buttons located on the back of the screen (see diagram below).

A. Menu settings (up & increase)
B. Enter the menu
C. Menu settings (down & decrease)

Distances visualization templates

WHITE loop = reversing distances visualization TEMPLATES

WHITE loop closed = VISIBLE templates (selection of origin)
WHITE loop open (cut) = Templates NOT VISIBLE

/! The selection of this option is made with the camera not powered.

Note : The selection of origin made for a "horizontally" positioned camera, a screen fixed or glued from above & in reverse camera version (visible templates). To change the loop status, please disconnect the camera first, then reconnect it after the operation.

Installation of the camera on the vehicle

The adjustable angle of the camera allows you to position it in two different locations on the vehicle, depending on your choice or a technical constraint: on the top of the body (at the level of the upper brake light, see diagram A above) or on the bottom of the body (at the level of the plate light, see diagram B above).

/! If installing the camera vertically, be sure to fill the hole at the top with the mastic adhesive provided, in order to strengthen the sealing and thus prevent water from entering the vehicle by capillary action.

On certain vehicles the +12 V reversing light is interfered with when the engine is running which can disturb the correct operation of the reversing radar kit. In other cases, this +12 V reversing Light does not allow any additional appliance. 
For all these vehicles, Beeper has developed the RCANR2 module in order to retrieve the +12V Reversing Light information from the CANBUS network. This module connects to the CANBUS of the compatible vehicle and provides a +12V Reversing Light for the connection of a reversing camera
You will find this RCANR2 canbus module by clicking HERE

The BEEPER RVU-5W is of course a complete kit, delivered with all the accessories necessary for the assembly, as well as a simple and clear assembly instructions.
13 Items
Waterproof index
vision angle
Night vision
0 lumens with LEDs (3 lumens without LEDs)
Weight in kilos
1 kg
Screen type
5'' LCD screen
Diagonal of the screen
Power supply
Operating temperature
-20°C / +60°C (camera) -20°C/ +70°C (display)
Video format
Storage temperature
-30°C / +60°C (camera)
480x272 px
Type of vehicle
Light vehicle
Professional vehicle
Recreational vehicle

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