• Radar de recul 4 capteurs avec buzzer • RVU-RR1
  • Radar de recul 4 capteurs avec buzzer • RVU-RR1
  • Radar de recul 4 capteurs avec buzzer • RVU-RR1
  • Radar de recul 4 capteurs avec buzzer • RVU-RR1
  • Radar de recul 4 capteurs avec buzzer • RVU-RR1
  • Radar de recul 4 capteurs avec buzzer • RVU-RR1
  • Radar de recul 4 capteurs avec buzzer • RVU-RR1
Radar de recul 4 capteurs avec buzzer • RVU-RR1

4-sensor reversing radar with buzzer & video input • RVU-RR1


RVU-RR1 • Reversing radar kit 4 silicone ultrasonic sensors with waterproof sensors

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The RVU-RR1 kit is specially designed for commercial vehicles. Its 4 silicon ultrasonic sensors with waterproof connectors provide you with a foolproof transmission quality. In addition, its buzzer with different levels of alert reinforces the safety of your manoeuvres.

Main functions 

The RVU-RR1 is a reversing radar kit for commercial vehicles (vans, light trucks) 

• When reversing, the reversing radar system automatically switches on. 
• The buzzer with progressive alerts makes it possible to distinguish the distance to obstacles.
• As soon as you stop reversing, the system is inactive. 
• The kit has an audio/video input, so you can add a second camera.
• The kit can be coupled with a reversing video kit for optimal safety (ref. RVU-5R1W & RVU-7R1W).
• Silicone sensors, suitable for metal bumpers.

Kit composition

A. Connection central (x1)
B. Power supply cable for connexion central (x1)
C. Fixing adhesives (x2)
D. Siliconized ultrasonic sensors with waterproof connectors (x1)
E. Sensor drilling tool (x1)
F. Alert buzzer (x1)
G. 12 m extension cable (x1)

System activation and deactivation

The system is automatically activated when the vehicle is shifted into reverse. It deactivates automatically when the vehicle is shifted into another gear or into neutral.


Dimensions of the connection central : 126 x 89 x 60 mm

Dimensions of the alert buzzer : 48 x 31 x 18 mm

Use of the reversing radar

Supplied with a buzzer, the Beeper RVU-RR1 kit's reversing radar has a system of progressive sound alerts, allowing you to manoeuvre your commercial vehicle safely.

Between 150 and 250 cm, the alert is only digital (if screen & camera connected > Ref. RVU-5R1W & Ref. RVU-7R1W), with distances displayed on the screen.
Between 100 and 150 cm, the buzzer emits spaced beeps.
Between 50 and 100 cm, the buzzer emits closer beeps.
Between 30 and 50 cm, the buzzer emits a continuous beep.

Installation of the sensors on the vehicle

The position of the sensors is shown in the diagram below. A drilling tool (hole saw) is supplied with the product. We advise you to protect the bumper with an adhesive (type painter's adhesive) in order not to damage the bumper when drilling. A light sanding of the edges of the hole may be necessary after drilling.

The sensors should at least have an axis parallel to the ground, i.e. 90°, according to the perpendicular of the bumper (see diagram below).

The sensors must be placed at least 43 cm from the ground (see diagram below). They can be covered with a veil of paint for a perfect finish. 

On certain vehicles the +12 V reversing light is interfered with when the engine is running which can disturb the correct operation of the reversing radar kit. In other cases, this +12 V reversing Light does not allow any additional appliance. 
For all these vehicles, Beeper has developed the RCANR2 module in order to retrieve the +12V Reversing Light information from the CANBUS network. This module connects to the CANBUS of the compatible vehicle and provides a +12V Reversing Light for the connection of a reversing camera. 
You will find this RCANR2 canbus module by clicking HERE

The BEEPER RVU-RR1 is of course a complete kit, delivered with all the accessories necessary for the assembly, as well as a simple and clear assembly instructions.
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