• Feu de travail autonome Beeper BPRO-623-9W
  • Feu de travail autonome Beeper BPRO-623-9W
Feu de travail autonome Beeper BPRO-623-9W

Self-contained LED work light 9W • BPRO-623-9W

: BPRO-623-9W

Self-contained battery-operated work light, perfect for all situations, for night events, night meals or to light up work areas !

Suitable for all cigarette lighters for motorhomes, cars, trucks, semi-trailers etc.

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The Beeper BPRO-623-9W is a self-contained, battery-powered work light that can be adapted to all situations in your daily work and personal life. 
Developed for construction areas and night work, this portable work light has a very resistance and waterproof frame that makes it suitable for many other situations : 

  • Outdoor lighting for motorhomes
  • Outdoor self-contained garden lighting
  • Outdoor self-contained lighting for terrace 
  • Lighting for indoor work areas
  • Lighting for night work sites
  • (And many more...)

Operation of the Beeper BPRO-623-9W

The self-contained work light has 4 lighting modes : 

- Lighting power at 100% (9 Watts)
- Lighting power at 50% (4,5 Watts)
- S.O.S. lighting to signal a problem.
- FLASH lighting

Use of the battery of the self contained work light 

Batterie du BPRO-623-9W

The BPRO-623-9W portable work light indicates its battery level via red and green LEDs.
Red LED = close to 0% battery power
Green LED = Above 20% battery power

It will take 4 hours of charging on your cigarette lighter regardless of your vehicle (trucks, motorhomes, cars etc.) for a full power autonomy of 4 hours (100% battery power).

The practical advantages of the portable work light on battery

Les avantages du BRPO-623-9W

The support of the battery-powered portable work light is magnetic, which allows it to be placed on the side of a vehicle, on a tailgate, on an external mount etc.
A significant plus to avoid having to run cables between trees to enjoy the lighting !

In addition, the Beeper BPRO-623-9W's internal batteries are replaceable, so you can change the batteries after a very large number of uses and not change the product ! 
-battery ref : Lithium-ion battery type 18650.

Dimensions of the self-contained work light 

Dimensions du feu de travail autonome Beeper BRPO-623-9W

The feu de travail autonome Beeper BPRO-623-9W is small and compact (but very powerful), which makes it a faithful ally when it comes to storage in your truck or motor home !
105x103x201 mm (unfolded)
105x103x153 mm (folded)

Guarantee of the Beeper BPRO-623-9W

As part of our quality approach we guarantee this product for a period of 2 years. In case of a problem, your product will be received by our after-sales service and processed as soon as possible !

4 Items
LED light
9 LEDs
2 years
105x103x201 mm (unfolded) 105x103x153 mm (folded)
Type of vehicle
Professional vehicle

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