USB rechargeable lamp

: ME101B

This universal LED lighting system is ideal for people looking for an easy way to equip their electric scooters, bikes or two-wheelers.

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Discover the Beeper universal lighting

Compact, stylish and practical, our white or red LED lighting is universal and will fit on most two-wheelers on the market for simplified use of your transport tool.

Why choose our universal LED lighting ?

This LED lighting is ideal for :

Electric scooter or bike users looking for a light on the front or rear and even on the sides of their vehicle for added safety and comfort;
- Two-wheeler users for use on their helmets in order to have better visibility in front of other road users.
Pedestrians looking for a practical accessory to see and be seen on their daily journeys.

The advantages of our universal LED lighting

Ultra practical

The white or red LED lighting is rechargeable by micro-USB, so you can recharge it from anywhere, at home or at work and even with an external battery.

It is 100% universal, you can install it on your scooter, bike, helmet or anywhere else thanks to its removable fastening links.

It has 4 lighting modes : 

• Fixed
• Cascade
• Flash

Long battery life :

The universal white or red LED lighting has a long battery life, which varies according to the use of your product : 

• Fixed : 4h
• Cascade : 10h
• SOS : 12h
• Flash : 8h

Technicians who listen to you

Based in our premises, our technical team is at your disposal to help you in case of problems.

Finally, your product benefits from a 3-year guarantee.*

*See terms in our GCASS.

11 Items
LED light
50 lumens • 240° lighting angle
Waterproof index
IPX4 (weatherproof)
Weight in kilos
Li-ion • 3,7V • 110 mAh
2h via mico-USB cable
72 x 22 x 20 mm
Fixed : 4h 
• Cascade : 10h 
• SOS : 12h
 • Flash : 8h

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