Electric scooter PRO • The sporty one

: FX11-5

Discover the Beeper PRO electric scooter, our sporty electric scooter.

Powerful, stylish and comfortable, you can use it on the road as well as off-road, 
Move without limits with this model designed for all uses.

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Discover the Beeper PRO electric scooter

The Beeper PRO electric scooter is the ideal scooter for all your journeys, whether in town or in the countryside, on the road or off-road. Its suspension arms, its dual motor (depending on the model) and its comfort will seduce you to make it your everyday ally.

The Beeper PRO electric scooter is the sporty, powerful yet safe and comfortable scooter ; you'll feel safe with its finishes : front, rear and side LED lights, horn and hydraulic brakes (depending on model).

Why choose the Beeper PRO ?

The Beeper PRO is the ideal electric scooter for :

- Intensive use,
- Thrill seekers,
- City and country use.

3 Models for different characteristics

Our PRO electric scooter is available in 3 different models, find out below what characterises them.

FX11-5 : Mono motor 810W max (600W nominal) • Battery 48V 13Ah • Autonomy 35 to 50 km*

FX11-7 : Dual motor 1620W max (2 x 600W nominal) • Battery 48V 22Ah • Autonomy 60 to 75 km*

FX11-10 : Dual motor 2600W max (2 x 1000W nominal) • Hydraulic brakes • Battery 60V 18Ah • Autonomy 65 to 80 km* • Shell handlebar bag

The advantages of the Beeper PRO


Equipped with a brushless motor, a new technology lithium-ion battery and a processor ensuring stability and control, our three models of Beeper PRO electric scooter offer different types of performance :

FX11-5Motor 810W max (600W nominal) • Battery 48V 13Ah • Autonomy 35 to 50 km*

FX11-7 : Dual motor 1620W max (2 x 600W nominal) • Battery 48V 22Ah • Autonomy 60 to 75 km*

FX11-10Dual motor 2600W max (2 x 1000W nominal) • Hydraulic brakes • Battery 60V 18Ah • Autonomy 65 to 80 km*


Increase the power of your Beeper PRO electric scooter with Dual Motor Dual technology; depending on your driving style, activate the second motor of your scooter to get more power and get over obstacles with ease.

With just one click, you can choose to activate the Dual Motor function and deactivate it whenever you want.

Available according to the models (FX11-7 and FX11-10), please refer to the specifications table in the product sheet
Caution : Please be very careful when driving, the use of your electric scooter must be done in full possession of your means.


The Beeper PRO is equipped with the Hydraulic brakes system*, which allows for a more precise braking action.

This more advanced system allows the braking force to be transferred in a more linear and progressive way, giving you extra comfort when riding.

Our other models are equipped with powerful and efficient disc brakes offering you a greater braking power from a slight pressure on the brakes.

Available according to the models (FX11-10), please refer to the table of characteristics in the product sheet


Don't see the kilometres go by anymore thanks to its great autonomy. XXL outings are yours (up to 80 km, depending on the model) without worrying about the kilometres covered.

FX11-5 : Motor 810W max (600W nominal) • Autonomy 35 to 50 km*

FX11-7 : Dual motor 1620W max (2 x 600W nominal) • Autonomy 60 to 75 km*

FX11-10 : Dual motor 2600W max (2 x 1000W nominal) • Hydraulic brakes • Autonomy 65 to 80 km*

Our PRO electric scooter models have a three-speed menu: 

• Eco = 6km/h max
• Sto = 15km/h max
• Turbo = 25km/h max

As a reminder, autonomy varies according to many factors :
- the user (weight, build)
- the weather (temperature, rain, wind)
- the quality of the road (asphalt, gravel, paving stones)
- the routes taken (elevation gain, sloping or flat)
- the type of driving (jerky or constant use of the accelerator, and speed)
These factors should be taken into account when using your Personal Displacement Vehicle, the indicated autonomy is a data tested according to specific driving conditions.

*Maximum autonomy for a person weighing approximately 60 kg, at constant speed.


Our Beeper PRO electric scooter is fully suspended, with double swing arms for greater stability in turns than other models. The grip of your scooter is reinforced and allows you to weave more easily between obstacles.

The travel height is the distance that the fork can dampen. Thanks to its 210 mm swing arms, our Beeper PRO electric scooter offers excellent performance with a travel height of 115 mm.


Our Beeper PRO electric scooter is equipped with numerous accessories for optimal comfort.

Thus, you can find on our scooter :

Swing arms or ultra comfortable suspensions,
Inflated 10" front and rear wheels,

Adjustable handlebars,
Secure folding,
Ergonomic handles,
Wide platform,
• A retractable kickstand.

All these options will guarantee you an unequalled comfort to enjoy your electric scooter to the maximum.

The plus ? : Our Dual motor & Hydraulic brakes also has a black handlebar bag (ref. ME170-M) so that you can carry your personal belongings with you on all your journeys.

A SAFE ride

Beeper PRO always offers you more and more options to ensure your safety :

• Drive by day or night, thanks to its integrated front, rear and side LED lights
• Warn other users of your presence with its audible alarm (bell)
• Brake without skidding thanks to its disc or hydraulic brakes (depending on the model)
• Stay stable with its wide anti-slip platform
• Keep a compact scooter thanks to its secure folding.
             • Dimensions unfolded : 124,5 x 61 x (95-130) cm
             • Dimensions folded : 115 x 61 x 50 cm


The Beeper PRO is equipped with a 3" (7.5 cm diagonal) multi-functional LCD display to make it convenient and enjoyable to ride on a daily basis.

Everything is there for maximum comfort and safety :
• Selected gear
• Driving speed
• Battery level indicator
• Total mileage
• Activation of LED lights
• Use of double or single motor (depending on model)

What's more ? You can choose to lock your scooter with a personalised password


Your Beeper PRO electric scooter is not only comfortable, safe and powerful, it is also super stylish.
Its colourful blue accents will set you apart from other electric scooter users, you will be THE stylish person on your journeys !
Its blue side lights will give you more visibility and a certain style that will make all your friends jealous.
Its design finishes such as its rear mudguard and front fork contribute to finalise the sporty yet elegant style of your future Beeper PRO electric scooter.

Ultra complete guarantees

Frame and Structure

10 year guarantee

Electronics and Mechanics

3 year guarantee

A one-year manufacturer's guarantee applies to the batteries (see our general conditions of after-sales service).

An efficient after sales service

Parts available

Beeper is committed to making all spare parts for the Beeper PRO available for a minimum of 48 months*

Technicians who listen to you

Based in our premises, our technical team is at your disposal to help you in case of questions about the use of your Beeper PRO or in case of technical problems.

*See complete terms in our GCASS 
9 Items
Waterproof index
LCD • Black & white • Multifunction • 3'' (7,5 cm diagonal)
Public road 25 km/h • Private road up to 60 km/h
Lithium-ion • FX11-5. : 48V 13Ah • FX11-7 : 48V 22Ah • FX11-10 : 60V 18Ah
FX11-5 / FX11-7 : 54.6V 2Ah • FX11-10 : 67.2V 2Ah
1245 x 610 x (950 - 1300) mm
Brushless • FX11-5 : 810W max (600W nominal) • FX11-7 : 1620W max (2 x 600W nominal) • FX11-10 : 2600W (2 x 1000W nominal)
FX11-5 / FX11-7 : Front & rear disc brakes • FX11-10 : Front & rear hydraulic brakes
96 cm
FX11-5 : 35 to 50 km • FX11-7 : 60 to 75 km • FX11-10 : 65 to 80 km
Packaging dimensions
1190 x 250 x 500 mm
Inflated with 10" (25 cm) front & rear inner tubes
Ground clearance
14 cm
Platform height from the ground
22 cm
Yes, compact
Handlebar height : 95 to 130 cm
Audible warning
Mechanical bell
Lights and signage
LED front, rear & side lights
Maximum slope
Charging time
FX11-5 : 6.5h to 7h • FX11-7 : 11h to 12h • FX11-10 : 10h to 12h
Folded dimensions
1150 x 610 x 500 mm
Maximum load
120 kg
Net weight
FX11-5 : 22 kg • FX11-7 : 27 kg • FX11-10 : 27 kg
Gross weight
FX11-5 : 26 kg • FX11-7 : 31 kg • FX11-10 : 31 kg

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