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Electric balance bike 250W • 36V 4Ah lithium-ion battery • 12'' tires

: IV05


Discover the Beeper electric draisienne, 

A hybrid vehicle between a bike and a draisienne, discover a new way to getting around effortlessly with its electric motor of 350W max (250W nominal).

Simple, practical and robust, it will be your new daily ally.

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Discover the Beeper electric draisienne

The Beeper electric draisienne is simple, practical and robust.

Its small size and foldable handlebars will allow you to transport it easily.

Why choose the Beeper electric draisienne ?

The Beeper draisienne is ideal for :

- Urban and peri-urban people looking for a daily and complementary mode of transport (for the last few kilometres) : working people, students, etc.

- Ideal for everyone, as a leisure vehicle or as a mobility tool.

The advantages of the Beeper electric draisienne


Equipped with a brushless motor of 350W max (250W nominal) and a 36V lithium-ion battery, the Beeper draisienne offers optimal performance for daily use.
You will be able to travel between 6 to 10 km with a single charge.*

As a reminder, autonomy varies according to many factors :
- the user (weight, build)
- the weather (temperature, rain, wind)
- the quality of the road (asphalt, gravel, paving stones)
- the routes taken (elevation gain, sloping or flat)
- the type of driving (jerky or constant use of the accelerator, and speed)
These factors should be taken into account when using your Personal Displacement Vehicle, the indicated autonomy is a data tested according to specific driving conditions.

*Maximum autonomy for a person weighing approximately 60 kg, at constant speed.

Warning : the Beeper electric draisienne is not compatible with the EDPM regulation. You should only use this product on private roads.


Ride comfortably with its inflated tyres with inner tubes at the front and rear.

Very practical, the charger of the Beeper electric draisienne is integrated into the product, so you can use and carry your charger at any time, and you can be sure to always have it with you.


In terms of safety, everything is assured :

- Drive by day or night, thanks to its integrated LED lights at the front and rear
- Warn other users of your presence thanks to its bell 
- Brake without the risk of skidding thanks to its front/rear disc brakes

In addition, its folding is ultra easy and completely secure thanks to its lever wheel that engages into a protective notch. 

• Dimensions unfolded : 1230 x 970 x 490 mm
• Dimensions folded : 1230 x 600 x 270 cm

Ultra complete guarantees

3 year guarantee


6 months guarantee

A French & efficient after-sales service

Parts available

Beeper is committed to making all spare parts for the Beeper draisienne available for a minimum of 36 months*

Technicians who listen to you

Based in our premises (near Lyon), our technical team is at your disposal to help you in case of questions about the use of your Beeper electric draisienne or in case of technical problems.

*See complete terms in our GASSC 
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