Kart for hoverboard • R4-Kart-N

: R4-Kart-N

Become a driver thanks to the R4-KART-D, which turns your hoverboard into a real drift kart in an ultra-fast and easy way ! 

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Discover the kart for hoverboard, the original !

The R4-Kart-N allows you to turn your hoverboard into a kart in the blink of an eye.

Strap the mounting lugs on the foot supports of your hoverboard, lock the assembly and let's go !

Easy to handle thanks to its two handles, it offers you new sliding sensations.

First step on a kart

Sit on the kart seat, put your legs on the footrest, then start the hoverboard. Push the handles to move forward, lift them to move backwards. Push the left handle and lift the right to turn right, and vice versa. The more pronounced is the action on the handles, the more the movement of the kart will be accentuated.  

Technical characteristics

  • Weight : 5,2 kg
  • Maximum load : 69 kg


Dimensions : 40,5 x (80 à 100) x 50 cm

Guarantee of the R4-KART-N kart

As part of our quality approach we guarantee this product for a period of 2 years. In the event of a problem, your product will be received by our after-sales service and processed as soon as possible ! Please note that the use of lithium-ion batteries multiplies up to twice the number of charging cycles accepted by the battery !


893 Items
24 months
Weight in kilos
5.3 kg
40.5 x (80 to 100) x 50 cm
5.5" (14 cm)
Ground clearance
10 cm
Platform height from the ground
14 cm
Maximum load
69 kg

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