Off-road mechanical scooter - Dirt Scooter

: FW75

Discover the Beeper Dirt Scoot,

The perfect all-terrain mechanical scooter for hitting rough paths and doing jumps!


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    Discover the Beeper Dirt Scoot all-terrain mechanical scooter

    Why choose the Beeper Dirt Scoot?

    The Beeper Dirt Scoot all-terrain mechanical scooter is the ideal scooter for teenagers from 12 years old and adults.

    With its studded wheels, its comfort and its wide handlebar, it is perfect for traveling on rough terrain.

    The advantages of the Beeper Dirt Scoot mechanical scooter

    With its studded tires, inner tube and aluminum rims, the Beeper Dirt Scoot scooter is ideal for use on rough terrain.

    Its 200 x 50 mm wheels are perfect for accessing all terrains and having fun on the paths as well as on jumps.

    Tire pressure should be adjusted according to the terrain.

    Low pressure (1.5 to 2 bar) decreases speed but increases grip. Conversely, strong pressure (2 to 3.5 bar) will bring you more speed.

    Attention: Please do not exceed a pressure of 4 bar.

    Ultra resistant

    The Beeper Dirt Scoot scooter is made with ultra-resistant materials to cope with all shocks.

    CR-Mo 4130 steel handlebar and Y-Tube, reinforced SPCC steel fork and clamps, thickened 6061-T6 extruded aluminum platform, anodized aluminum rims and stainless steel brake.

    The Beeper Dirt Scoot scooter features a double compression clamp to enhance riding safety and maneuverability.

    The Beeper Dirt Scoot scooter is designed to be used as an all-terrain scooter, to ride on all surfaces, stones, dirt, grass, etc.

    Qualitative finishes

    The Dirt Scoot all-terrain mechanical scooter has finishes that reinforce its look, its safety of use and its use on rough terrain.

    • Its wide platform with its anti-slip grip gives you better grip during use.

    • Its Y-shaped handlebars and its non-slip handles ensure optimal driving comfort.

    • Its mechanical and ultra-reactive foot braking allows you to ride in complete safety.

    • Finally, its mini weight and its dimensions in the bottom a scooter goes everywhere, practical to transport and to take with you for long intense rides.

    Weight: 5.9kg

    Dimensions: 520 x 980 x 900mm

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    3 year warranty

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    171 Items
    Weight (in kg)
    520 x 980 x 900 mm
    Packaging dimensions
    865 x 270 x 745 mm
    Anodized aluminum rims
    200 x 50 mm inflatable rubber tires
    Maximum load

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