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XRAY, the DIY* range of car alarms

With the Beeper XRAY range, securing your vehicle has never been easier. You no longer need to be a professional. With just 2 wires to connect, installing Beeper alarms is child's play.

Security and simplicity are the watchwords at Beeper®. We offer you a comprehensive and affordable range of car, motorbike and HGV alarms, to make your safety a priority.

From the simple and economical to the multi-functional and sophisticated, there's sure to be a Beeper® product to meet your safety needs.

*DIY = Do It Yourself

Car alarms

DIY universal car alarm... DIY universal car alarm...
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    Universal car alarm • XR5

    (329 reviews)
    Price €105.95

      Universal alarm for commercial vehicles • XR5VUL

      (329 reviews)
      Price €232.95
      Universal car alarm for... Universal car alarm for...
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      • Online only

      Universal car alarm for convertible • XR5CAB

      (328 reviews)
      Price €190.95
      Universal alarm for... Universal alarm for...
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      • Online only

      Universal alarm for motorhomes • XR5CC

      (333 reviews)
      Price €263.95
      Universal two-way car alarm... Universal two-way car alarm...
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      • Online only

      Universal two-way car alarm system

      (11 reviews)
      Price €242.95

        Full option car alarm • TSX99-N

        (6 reviews)
        Price €126.95
        Natural and soporific gas... Natural and soporific gas...
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        Natural and soporific gas detector • DET-GN101

        (67 reviews)
        Price €44.95

        Modules for Beeper XR5 Universal Car Alarm

          XR5 Lighter Air Pressure sensor for XR5 - XR5-INF01

          (2 reviews)
          Price €46.95

            Siren & control unit for XR5 - XR5-SIR01

            (5 reviews)
            Price €56.95
            Magnetic contactor for XR5... Magnetic contactor for XR5...
            • Online only
            • Online only

            Magnetic contactor for XR5 alarm - XR5-MAGN01

            (1 review)
            Price €38.95