• XR5CC • Alarme  universelle camping car
XR5CC • Alarme  universelle camping car

Universal alarm for motorhomes • XR5CC


XR5CC • Motorhome alarm • 2 RFID remote controls • Opening detection  • Infrared detection  • Air pressure.

You can add in option ONE hyper frequency sensor and several magnetic contactors on this alarm.

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The BEEPER XR5CC alarm is specially designed for the protection of your motorhome. It is a simple and efficient system. The wireless communication between the different modules and the central allows a quick and easy installation. The Beeper XR5CC is therefore 100% universal and 100% safe for your vehicle.

The BEEPER XR5CC is the first automotive system to allow FULL COMPATIBILITY with multiplexed systems. The only connection required for its operation is the power supply for the siren, which can be taken directly from the battery or from the passenger compartment.

Thanks to these different modules, the BEEPER XRAY XR5CC allows you to secure your entire motor home !

Main functions

- 100% compatible with multiplexed vehicles
- 2 RFID remote controls
- Sensor by infrasonic air pressure
- Magnetic detector of openings
- Shock sensor teleadjustable on 8 levels
- Ejectable current consumption sensor
- Motion sensor
- Radio coded siren (wireless) 118 dB
- Installation in 30 min. (2 wires)
- 100% universal 

Siren and central 2 in 1

Central allowing to come and connect the different modules of the alarm.

- Siren with a power of 118db
- 2 wires to connect : red wire (+) 12V permanent battery black wire (-) battery ground

2 remote controls

monodirectional function

- automatic activation/deactivation function (hands-free access)
- 2 CR 2032 flat batteries (supplied) per remote control
- Alarm memory : On deactivation, if the siren beeps 4 times, the system has registered that the system has been triggered in advance.

Infrasonic sensor

Allows the detection of air pressure changes in the vehicle.

- Wireless connection between the central and the sensor
- Rechargeable on cigarette lighter- Autonomy of 6 days
- Flashing of a red diode
- Possibility to activate and deactivate the air pressure sensor
- It is possible to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor
- This sensor can only be present once on the central 

Motion sensor

The infrared motion sensor allows the detection of any presence in the cell.

- Wireless connection between the central and the sensor
- 2 LR6-AA batteries, standard (not supplied)
- Detection within a radius of 3 to 5 metres
- The sensor must be placed at least 2m from the ground
- Detection of moving objects of a volume equivalent to a human being. A small dog will not be detected by the sensor.
- An ON/OFF switch allows you to stop the sensor if you wish to operate your alarm system while remaining inside the vehicle.
- This sensor can only be present once on the central.

Magnetic contactor

Wireless connection between the central and the sensor Particularly useful for securing windows, doors and bunkers.

- 1 magnetic contactor supplied with the alarm
- Possibility to add 8 magnetic sensors on the central. To add contactors click HERE
- The 2 parts are connected by a magnet which generates a detection as soon as they are separated.
- A flat battery CR 2032 (supplied)
- The autonomy is about 24 to 36 months

Radio contact + cover

The radio contact can be used alone or in addition to the bonnet switch.

Radio contactor
- The radio contactor, when used alone, allows the vehicle to be protected by the ceiling light. The sensor connects to the lighting of a ceiling light or to any electrical source allowing the detection of an opening and therefore allows the siren to be triggered.

Bonnet switch
- The bonnet switch is used exclusively in addition to the radio contact. It allows the siren to be protected.
- This sensor can only be present once on the central.

Hyper frequency sensor You have the possibility to add the hyper frequency sensor to your XR5CC alarm.
It allows to detect a movement in an open volume or a large volume in a defined perimeter. Possibility to adjust the perimeter.
More information HERE If you wish to activate your Beeper XR5CC alarm when you are inside your motorhome, this is possible. Indeed, you have the possibility to switch off the motion sensor while keeping the perimeter protection of the alarm.
Siren type
2 in 1 siren and central
Type of remote control
Mono directional
Number of remote control
Shock sensor
Two-level shock sensor
Standby power consumption of the alarm
6 milliamperes per hour
Alarm consumption after triggering
Certifications are available soon.
Volumetric sensor
Air pressure
Installation time (in minutes)
Type of installation
3 years
Distinctive beeps
Perimetry sensor
Remote control batteries
Type of vehicle
Recreational vehicle

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