Ultrasonic pest repellent • DET-R712

: DET-R712

DET-R712 • Ultrasonic pest repellent

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Your vehicle's harnesses and wiring contain starch that attracts rodent pests. A damaged harness is annoying, can have serious consequences for your vehicle and can be very expensive to repair.

The DET-R712 ultrasonic repellent is a simple solution, which consists of integrating an electronic ultrasonic wave repellent system into your vehicle, in order to scare away potential pests.


The system starts automatically when the engine is switched off. A motion sensor is integrated into the system and detects engine vibrations. As soon as the system is switched on, it emits ultrasonic sounds in 60 second intervals (60 second stop) at a frequency of 12 to 45 kHz (slightly audible to humans).

These frequencies strongly disturb rodents: martens, weasels, rats, mice, field mice, etc., who will never come near the bonnet of your vehicle again.

39 Items
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