A specialist and market leader for over 20 years, Beeper develops automotive equipment products: reversing cameras, radars, anti-theft alarms, chargers and accessories for electric and rechargeable hybrid vehicles, etc.


Since 2018 Beeper has developed a soft mobility range with electric mobility products: urban electric scooters, cross, hoverboards, electric motorbikes... But also mechanical products: scooters for adults, children and freestyles...


Make your environment safer by discovering robust and reliable products for urban development, both indoors (garages, cellars, etc.) and outdoors (car parks, crossroads, etc.): Parking bollards, speed bumps, parking barriers, parking mirrors, etc.

Car park

In 2023, vehicle theft rose by more than 11%, , with more than 70,000 incidents recorded*. *

Protecting your vehicle is therefore becoming a priority with the Beeper XRAY range of alarms, compatible with all vehicles.

The Beeper TRAIL makes a mockery of convention.

With its stylish look, oad-facing ride and removable battery,,
It'll take you on a road trip at top speed.

With its removable battery,
its lower centre of gravity and its and its streamlined look,,

La Beeper PRIME is the ideal urban scooter.

Recharge your battery wherever you like,,
there's no limit to your daily commute.