Who are we ?

Created in 2001, IXIT develops on-board electronics and electric mobility systems through its brand, Beeper.

Since its launch, IXIT has developed its fields of expertise to bring safety and comfort to the automotive world, both in the original equipment market and in the automotive accessories market.


2001 Founding of IXIT company

2002 Launch of the first bi-directional safety systems 

2003 Development of a range of reversing radars

2006 Launch of a range of reversing cameras

2007 Beeper = French leader in alarm systems 

2008 Launch of a range of products dedicated to professional vehicles

2009 Launch of a range of comfort products

2011 Beeper = French leader in reversing radars & cameras

2013 Launch of products dedicated to equestrian transport

2014 Launch of a range of products dedicated to commercial vehicles

2015 Launch of a range of products dedicated to electric mobility

2018 Redesign of our graphic charter & Implementation of our Quality Management System (QMS)

Economic record

With a staff of 15, IXIT has an annual turnover of 4.26 million euros (2017), which is constantly increasing.

In figures, IXIT Beeper sells 630 products per day, or 1 Beeper product every 90 seconds.

Ixit has been able to reinvent itself and adapt to its environment, by offering products that meet the demands of its customers.