Garage storage



For optimum organisation of your garage, discover our complete range of fittings. We offer practical, high-quality solutions to secure and protect your parking space.

The wall bracket for scooters and bikes is ideal for saving space and keeping your two wheels in order. Made from sturdy materials, it provides a solid, reliable hold.

Our fire extinguisher is a must-have for fire safety. With its effective extinguishing capacity, it's easy to use and ready to respond in an emergency.

Garage door tape protects your door from scratches and impacts when you drive in and out. It's tough and durable for optimum protection.

Finally, our two-wheeler garage is designed to house your motorbikes or bicycles in complete safety. It offers protection against the elements and theft, thanks to its solid structure and locking devices.

With our range of garage fittings, you can enjoy a well-organised and secure space. Rely on the quality of our products to meet your specific needs.

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    Garage door protection strips (set of 2)

    (15 reviews)
    Price €30.95

      2 kg ABC fire powder extinguisher • Special model for motorhomes, vans & small trucks

      (1 review)
      Price €39.95

        Garage door protection strips (set of 2)

        (15 reviews)
        Price €15.95