General Conditions of Sale

Article 1

All our sales are considered to be made in Villefranche - Gleizé (69).

Article 2

Delivery times are given as an indication. In the event of a delay in delivery, the buyer may not refuse to take delivery, nor claim penalties or damages.

Article 3

The goods always travel at the risk of the buyer, who must, in the event of damage or shortage, make all the necessary observations on the discharge document and confirm his reservations by registered letter to the carrier within THREE DAYS of receipt (Article 105 of the Commercial Code). Failure to comply with the above rules shall prevent any action against the carrier. ATTENTION: oral reservations or by ordinary letter, the mention "Subject to control" affixed on the discharge document, have no legal value.

Article 4

Complaints concerning the quality of the goods, excluding any transport dispute, must be made by registered letter from the date of delivery, within 8 days in the case of an apparent defect and within one month in the case of a defect that is not apparent at first sight. In no case may such a complaint justify non-payment by the buyer. In all cases, the seller must be given the opportunity to inspect the condition of the goods himself without delay.

Article 5

The products are supplied at the price in force at the time the order is placed. All orders are considered firm and final and cannot be cancelled by the buyer. 

Article 6

The products on the website www.beeper.fr or on any document created and printed by IXIT BEEPER may be subject to non-contractual photos.

Article 7

In metropolitan France only, for any shipment with a value of less than 500 Euros excluding tax (five hundred) and for a total weight of less than 30 kilograms, a flat rate for postage and packing of 15 Euros excluding tax (fifteen euros) will be charged to the buyer. Above 500 Euros (five hundred) excluding VAT and for a total weight of less than 30 kilograms, free shipping will be applied (shipping costs offered to the customer). For islands, DOM TOM, any foreign country, and for any shipment exceeding 30 kilos in metropolitan France, the shipping costs will be exclusively charged to the buyer.

Article 8

During the course of a contract, we may require any guarantee of payment deemed necessary. Any amount paid by way of guarantee shall be considered as a deposit.

Article 9

Our invoices are payable to VILLEFRANCHE GLEIZÉ. The terms of payment for metropolitan France only are as follows : - First order (or any order outside mainland France): Payment before departure of the goods (credit card, bank transfer) or by magnetic draft (LCR) at sight. - Subsequent orders (France): After acceptance of account opening by the financial department, payment by magnetic draft (LCR) within 10 days if the order is less than 3 pieces or within 30 days if the order is more than 3 pieces. /! Payment by cheque is not accepted. For islands, DOM TOM or any country outside metropolitan France, the conditions of payment are exclusively before departure of the goods by transfer. Payment by credit card is only authorised by an account established in metropolitan France. No discount is granted for early payment. In the event of late payment, and taking into account the obligations set out in the law of 4 August 2008 n°2008-776, the buyer will be liable to pay a penalty calculated by applying 3 times the legal interest rate to the sums due. In the event of non-payment on the due date, IXIT reserves the right to pay the sums due without delay by credit card.

Article 10

An unpaid LCR generating bank service charges will be immediately re-invoiced to the debtor for a fixed value of 35 Euros (thirty five) excluding VAT as Bank service charges on unpaid debts. In the event of collection through a debt collection agency or by legal action, the total amount of the unpaid debt shall be increased by 20% (twenty percent) for legal costs.

Article 11

The products are guaranteed against any material or manufacturing defect for a period of 24 to 36 months, depending on the product range, from the date of delivery. Under this warranty, the only obligation incumbent on the seller shall be the free replacement or repair of the product or the element recognised as defective by its services. Any product that is to benefit from the guarantee must first be submitted to the seller's after-sales service, whose agreement is essential for any replacement. The warranty is only applicable in accordance with our general conditions of after-sales service, which can be downloaded from the website of our respective brands. Any shipping costs are to be borne by the buyer. An extension of the warranty and services is available under the commercial name G2+ to be discovered on our website.

Article 12

Goods sold will not be taken back under any circumstances without the agreement of IXIT in the form of a return voucher validated by IXIT's technical department within a maximum period of 15 days from the date of sale. All second-hand products are not subject to return or refund. Any return accepted by the seller will result in the creation of a credit note for the benefit of the buyer, after qualitative and quantitative verification of the returned products. This credit note must be offset against future invoices and may not be reimbursed directly. A fixed and non-negotiable deduction of 35% (thirty-five percent) will be subtracted from the amount of the return to cover the costs of postage, processing and repair of the product. If the product has been installed or is used or if the sale has been concluded for more than 30 days, there will be no return. 

Article 13

In the event of a dispute of any nature or of a dispute relating to the formation or execution of the order, the Commercial Court of Villefranche sur Saône shall have sole jurisdiction.

Article 14

The goods remain the property of IXIT until full payment of their value, in accordance with law n°80.335 of 12 May 1980. However, the responsibility for the goods is transferred to the buyer as soon as they are delivered. In the event that payment is not made within the period agreed between the parties, the seller reserves the right to take back the goods delivered. The advance payments received shall be retained by the seller as compensation for the buyer's faulty non-performance of the agreement. If the goods taken back have been used, the Buyer shall remain liable for the full amount of the claim and interest on arrears, and the Seller shall reimburse the Buyer for the amount at which he was able to sell the goods taken back. FEE FOR RECOVERY = 40 euros excluding VAT (Article D441-5 of the Commercial Code). RATE OF LATE PENALTY = 15% of the value including VAT (article L 441-3 of the Commercial Code)

Article 15

If the account has been opened under a method of payment by non-accepted LCR, the buyer certifies, by signing the account opening document, that he will honour on their due date, unless he expressly advises otherwise, the drafts exempted from his acceptance, drawn by IXIT, by debiting his referenced account.

General Conditions of After Sales Service


The guarantee is valid under the following conditions :
1 • The starting date is the date of purchase of the system under exclusive presentation of the purchase invoice from the approved professional. If the installation takes place after the purchase of the system, only the date on the purchase invoice will be taken into account. In the absence of proof of purchase, the warranty will only apply if the return is made within 6 months after the warranty period from the date of production noted on the product by our technical services.
2 • The duration of the guarantee is indicated on the product, it is usually from 24 to 36 months depending on the brands, ranges and products of the company IXIT BEEPER.
3 • In the absence of proof of purchase (invoice or receipt), the date of the guarantee will be the date of production of the system.
4 • The guarantee applies exclusively to the product, excluding any other technical intervention of uninstallation and/or reinstallation or any labour by the installer. The safety labels affixed to the products are essential for after-sales service. Their removal or deterioration cancels the guarantee. The products will be considered out of warranty and a repair estimate may be proposed.
5 • The shipping costs of the product and for any reason (withdrawal period, defective material) to the IXIT technical service are at the customer's expense, the return shipping costs (IXIT to the customer) are at IXIT's expense for France only. For foreign countries and DOM TOM, the shipping costs are at the customer's expense.
6 • The products and their accessories must not have been opened, analysed, modified, repaired, etc. by any technical service other than IXIT.
7 • This legal guarantee only covers manufacturing defects, excluding damage due to improper use (such as shocks, water, dirt, going down the pavement and stairs, freestyling, taking speed bumps too quickly, negligence, transporting several people on the same vehicle, exposure to extreme temperatures, lack of regular maintenance, or other signs of deterioration...).
8 • The product and its accessories must not show any traces of oxidation or humidity due to water projections or poor protection of the system.
9 • This legal guarantee does not cover professional use of the products (e.g. rental, surveillance, etc.). It will be necessary to subscribe to a maintenance contract to benefit from a guarantee.
10 • The following defects & elements are excluded from the guarantee :
a. Defects in use or maintenance (aggressive cleaning products)
b. Deterioration due to an error in handling, abusive or abnormal use, use for professional or commercial purposes or due to poor installation.
c. Spare parts or accessories whose replacement is the result of normal wear and tear or routine maintenance operations: light bulbs, batteries, remote controls, batteries, etc.
d. The costs of transport and modification of the appliance, in the event of a recall due to a serial defect.
e. Damage due to an external event (lightning, water damage, etc.).
f. Intervention carried out on the appliance by another person not authorised by the After-Sales Service.
g. The presence of water, humidity or oxidation.
h. Missing pixels on an LCD screen and the touch function of the screen.
j. The life of the built-in batteries and their reduced performance.
k. Product maintenance not in accordance with the products or inappropriate environment (mechanical stress that may damage an electrical mechanism or its power supply, poor ventilation, excessive vibration, excessive heat, contact with sand or any other substance, inadequate power supply, alternator failure, too high voltage).
Refund or credit note : The costs of return are exclusively at the customer's expense. The returned product(s) must not be unpacked or used and must not have suffered any damage. The exercise of the right of withdrawal gives rise to a refund of the sums paid at the time of the order within a maximum period of 30 days from the date on which you exercised this right. IXIT reserves the right to refuse the refund if the above conditions are not respected.

Product returns to Ixit Beeper

Before returning any product, please contact our technical services on 0 892 690 792 (0.45 euros/min) to :
• identify the product fault,
• proceed with the basic checks to avoid any unnecessary return of the product,
• validate the products & modules to be returned (no need to remove the harness installed on the vehicle, to return all the modules, etc.)
• validate the acceptance of the return and the taking in charge by our technical services. Products must be returned in accordance with the following conditions :
• Only the elements considered defective must be returned.
• Return exclusively to the address below :
IXIT Technical Service
228 rue de l’ancienne distillerie
69400 Gleizé
• Completed BEEPER ASS return document, available via : https://www.beeper.fr/content/24-retour-produit-sav • Provision of a copy of the sales receipt or invoice for the product clearly indicating the date of purchase. Upon receipt, any damaged package or package that does not appear to be adequately packed will be refused. It is preferable to return the product in its original packaging as this will protect it from shocks during transport. IXIT cannot be held responsible if the product arrives damaged because it is not well protected.
• If the defective product is returned for a credit note, it must be in its original packaging in good condition and with all its accessories in good condition, otherwise it will not be eligible for a credit note or the various missing or damaged elements will be deducted from the credit note.
• IXIT declines all responsibility for excessive delays due to a problem with the supply of spare parts necessary for the repair of the product.

Analysis, Repair & Standard Exchange

IXIT's technical services will analyse the returned products according to the indications provided : • If the product is under guarantee, we will proceed to a repair or a standard exchange of the defective element. • If the product is out of guarantee, a repair order – repair or standard exchange proposal - will be sent as a quote. The product will then be returned after acceptance of this repair order. • If the returned products are found to be without defect or if the quotation is refused, we will be obliged to charge you the amount corresponding to the value of your product (product value 0-50€ / 50-99€ / over 100€). The return of products with no malfunctioning will only be possible after payment of this fee. • The storage period of the product whose file is incomplete or not defective is 6 months maximum. Beyond this period, IXIT reserves the right to destroy the product without any compensation being due to the customer. The product will be considered as abandoned by the customer. • The customer undertakes to submit to the results of the tests carried out by our technical department. IXIT cannot be held responsible for problems related to the incompatibility of the products with the customer's system. The customer must check with our technical services before purchasing the equipment to see if it is compatible with his system. • In case of non-acceptance of the repair order with a request for return, the test time and shipping costs will be invoiced (amount indicated on the repair order which will act as an estimate). • If the repair order is not accepted and the product is abandoned, the test time will be charged (amount indicated on the repair order which will be used as a quote). After the repair order has been issued and sent (by e-mail or fax), the repair order must be returned with acceptance or rejection within 30 days, otherwise the testing time will be charged (amount indicated on the repair order which will act as a quote). IXIT reserves the right not to process the return of defective products for any customer who does not respect IXIT's commercial rules and general sales conditions.

Guarantee extension and G2+ services

In addition to the initial 2-3 year warranty on its products, Ixit Beeper offers an extended warranty providing a 2 year extension and additional services. The services and conditions are detailed below :

2-year extension of the initial guarantee period

Your Beeper product has an initial guarantee of 2 years, it will now be guaranteed for 4 years. Your BEEPER product has an initial 3 year guarantee, it will now have a 5 year guarantee.

Conditions of the return transport

In case of a guarantee claim, you contact us and we send you a transport voucher so that you can send your product to our technical services free of charge. After repair or exchange, we will return your product to you free of charge.

Service time of less than 10 days

The technical intervention time for the repair or exchange of the product (excluding transport time to and from) is guaranteed to be less than 10 working days. This period is valid outside public holidays and periods when IXIT's technical services are closed.

Preferential standard exchange of the product

Standard exchange with a new product or a product of the same condition & age is guaranteed: - In case of failure within 90 days after the date of purchase - If the intervention time exceeds 10 working days

Subscription possible within 30 days after purchase

You have 30 days from the date of purchase of your product to subscribe to G2+.

G2+ is strictly reserved for individuals

This offer is only available to private users residing in metropolitan France and for private use of the product and not in a professional context

Free initial quote

For any product deposit in our after-sales service, the initial estimate for the analysis of the product is invoiced at 30 € excluding VAT (reimbursed if the guarantee is confirmed). If you opt for G2+, the initial estimate is free. You pay nothing in advance.

No invoicing for "undetected defect" or "no repair"

If a returned product was not covered by the guarantee (product voluntarily damaged and not included in the general conditions of after-sales service) or if we do not find a defect in the product, the minimum charge is normally 30 € HT. With G2+, there is no billing, you pay nothing.

Free technical service hotline

Technical support for installation assistance or after-sales technical information is normally accessible via a premium rate line at €0.45 incl. VAT; by opting for G2+, this technical line is free.

G2+ rates

The rates are available on the website www.beeper.fr and are subject to change without notice.

Registration for the G2+ service

DIRECTLY BY THE CUSTOMER AND UNDER HIS OWN RESPONSIBILITY OF DECLARATION Fill in a simple online form (beeper.fr) or answer coupon of the G2+ leaflet - payment by credit card or cheque No initial verification of the eligibility conditions: neither of the value of the product, nor of the date of subscription (max. 30 days after HA of the product), if this information was erroneous at the time of subscription, the G2+ guarantee will not be applied. An invoice is issued (with the product or without the accompanying product if the G2+ is sold later) & sent to the customer. INELIGIBILITY: The data self-declared by the customer : - If these data are incorrect: the customer has given incorrect information at the time of subscription, the contract is then considered null and void and the G2+ guarantee cannot be applied. For further information : 04 74 02 97 97