Off-road electric scooter CROSS-X 500W 48V 10Ah

: FX2000-10

The Beeper TRAIL is innovative, disconcerting and unique.
To adopt it is to break with traditional codes and open up new experiences of use and sensations.

Its WILD look, SWAP BATTERY option and STABILITY CONTROL design mark a RUPTURE in the range and bring you a new electric scooter experience.

Its mobile app Beeper lets you control your scooter down to the smallest detail (lights, cruise control, unbridling*...)

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Stand out from the crowd. Go wild

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Discover the electric scooter Beeper TRAIL

With its hybrid design, halfway between all-terrain scooter and the urban scooter, ,
Visit Beeper TRAIL go to makes a mockery of convention and is equally at home on roads and trails.

Why choose Beeper TRAIL ?

Visit Beeper TRAIL is ideal on all roads with its unbeatable handling thanks to its designSTABILITY CONTROL.

With the Beeper TRAILAnd technology SWAP BATTERY, recharge everywhere without limits .
Go to always further away and don't let no one to stop you thanks to its secure removable battery. .
Change batteries in a matter of moments for an always-charged scooter and unlimited travel.

Sound Dedicated iOS and ANDROID APP will give you a total control of your scooter Beeper TRAIL fingertips.

Drive differently with Beeper TRAIL


Charge your scooter from anywhere, without limits.

- The battery of the Beeper TRAIL is 100% removable
The battery is protected in a compartment secured with key.
In just a few moments, you can disconnect the battery from your scooter to recharge or exchange it.

- Recharge your scooter without limits
You can easily remove the battery from the scooter and recharge it at home, at the office, at the gym, etc.
However, you always have the option of recharging the battery directly on the scooter.

- Increase your autonomy
Carry and use a second battery to increase the mileage of your trips tenfold.

- 2-year battery warranty

- Technology that makes recycling

- Protected against water splashes


Follow your instincts

- Exoskeleton
Visit Beeper TRAIL, with its blue tubular frame offers a stylish and wild.
Its V-shaped platform, side footrests and front-mounted steering make the Beeper TRAIL unique and so are you.

- Bouncy
Dual front & rear suspensions provide driving comfort as well as a aggressive, all-terrain styling.
With a 100 mm travel height, you'll be able to drive more comfortably and more easily.

- The display in the center of the handlebar makes it easier to read while driving.

- 5W front & rear lights provides you with Lighting up to 30m and a visibility for other road users up to 20m*
*Depending on use and weather conditions

- The accelerator handle of the Beeper TRAIL works like a motorcycle.


- A lower center of gravity
The footrests on the Beeper TRAIL close to the ground give you a more comfortable, dynamic driving and secure.

- Facing the road
The forward-facing driving position gives you an unobstructed view of the road a safer, more pleasant driving position.


Optimized reparability index

- L'accessibility of components offer a new vision of the electric scooter.

- A Easy after-sales service
Key scooter components are easily replaceable.

- A technology Eco-responsible
Easy replacement also means environmentally-friendly action.
So we can easily replace the damaged part and extend the scooter's life.


A dedicated APP

- A global connectivity
The application Beeper is compatible with platforms APPLESTORE (iOS) and GOOGLEPLAY (ANDOID)

- Anti-theft alarm
Activate your scooter's anti-theft alarm when you stop for a few minutes without fear of having your scooter stolen.

- Cruise control
Activate or deactivate cruise control as you wish.

- A pipe 100% customized
You can adjust the speed of the different driving modes.

- Manage your lightsapplication

- Debriding*
Unlock your scooter when riding on private land.
In just a few minutes you'll be able to unbolt and rebolt your scooter with ease, and enjoy its full power.

*/!\ LEGAL FRAMEWORK /!\ - It is forbidden to operate a vehicle with a maximum speed not limited to 25 km/h. This means that if you dismantle your vehicle, you can only use it on private land, and if you want to use it on public roads, you must bring your vehicle into compliance. - If you dismantle an EDP (Engin de Déplacement Personnel), you could be fined €1,500 and have your vehicle seized if you exceed the authorized speed limit (25 km/h) on public roads. - We remind you that your vehicle must be insured (minimum civil liability declaration), and we advise you to wear a helmet and protective equipment.

- Zero speed start mode
Choose between unassisted and assisted starting for your electric scooter.

- Detailed information
Find all the information about your scooter directly in the application.

2 models for different features

VisitBeeper TRAILIs available intwo versionsTo offer you twoautonomies* :
- A battery48V 10AhFor aautonomyFrom35 km(Ref. FX2000-10)
- A battery48V 13AhFor aautonomyFrom45 km(Ref. FX2000-13)

As a reminder, autonomy varies according to a number of factors:
- l'user(weight, build)
- theweather(temperature, rain, wind)
- theroad quality(asphalt, gravel, paving stones)
- visitroutes taken(uneven, sloping or flat)
- thetype of driving(constant, jerky gas pedal use and speed)
These factors should be taken into account when using your EDP, therange indicated is a figure tested under specific driving conditions.

*Maximum range for a person weighing around 60 kg, at constant speed.

The + of Beeper TRAIL

Outstanding performance

The scooter Beeper TRAIL is equipped with a brushless motor with a 850W maximum peak power for a rated power of 500W.

Its battery lithium-ion is offered in two versions, for more autonomy* :
- A battery48V 10AhFor aautonomyFrom25 to 35 km - 480Wh (Ref. FX2000-10)
- A battery48V 13AhFor aautonomyFrom35 to 40 km - 624Wh(Ref. FX2000-13)

A small weight from 25kg compared with other scooters of the same size.

*As a reminder, autonomy varies according to a number of factors:
- l'user(weight, build)
- theweather(temperature, rain, wind)
- theroad quality(asphalt, gravel, paving stones)
- visitroutes taken(uneven, sloping or flat)
- thetype of driving(constant, jerky gas pedal use and speed)
These factors should be taken into account when using your EDP, therange indicated is a figure tested under specific driving conditions.

*Maximum range for a person weighing around 60 kg, at constant speed.


The scooterBeeper TRAIL features front and rear LED lights ultra-powerful from 5W for visibility up to 30m.

His front and rear disc brakes provide you with exemplary braking in all circumstances.

Maximum comfort

Visit Beeper TRAIL features a range of finishes that give you maximum comfort;
- Dual suspension front and rear to absorb all shocks,
- Some 10" tubeless tires,
- Some wide footrests and folding.

Intuitive controls

The display and orders of the Beeper TRAIL are simple and intuitive,
You have access to the horn, light activation, gear selector, etc.

Visit Beeper TRAIL has three speeds :
- 1st gear: 10 km/h
- 2nd gear: 15 km/h
- 3rd gear: 25 km/h

The accessory that makes all the difference

Visit Beeper TRAIL can be used with a saddle*you gain in comfort on the move !

*ATTENTION the saddle is forbidden on public roads and can only be used on private property.
Any infringement of these regulations will be the sole responsibility of the owner of the scooter.

A wide range of uses

Visit Beeper TRAIL is perfect for all applications ;whether in city or the campaign, his hybrid look and its handling turn it into a scooter At ease on any terrain.

It is thus perfect for :
- Horseback riding :
Go to between the meadows or to the stable to go pick up your horses or feed them.
Use it for your travel at contest to make it easier for you to get between paddocks and the showground.

- Motor home owners :
Once you've set up your motorhome, it's easy to get around Beeper TRAIL is the scooter all roads par excellence ;perfect for both route that the off-road, she can help you support for buy bread or to make roadtrip dans les chemins ! !
What's more, it doesn't takes up no space during transport, its compact folding saves you considerable space.

Ultra-complete warranties

Frame and Structure

Warranty10 years

Electronics and Mechanics

Warranty3 years

A one-year manufacturer's warranty applies to batteries (see our general after-sales service conditions).

French & efficient after-sales service

Available parts

Beeper undertakes to make available all spare parts for theBeeper TRAIL over a minimum period of 48 months*

Technicians who listen

Based at our premises (near Lyon), our technical team is on hand to help you with any questions you may have about using your electric scooterBeeper TRAILOr in the event of a technical problem.

*See complete terms and conditions in our CGSAV
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  • 5

    Très satisfait ! Je recommande.

  • 5

    La Beeper Trail est top! Belle finition et semble robuste (à voir dans le temps). Elle est performante on atteint vite les 25 km/h en vitesse 3. Vu son look qui fait penser à une petite moto cross on pourra regretter qu'elle a un peu de mal dans les pentes un peu raides (en vitesse 3) mais c'est bien décrit dans les caractéristiques. Elle est comme prévu très à l'aise sur les routes, terrains et chemins de terre, gravier, etc..., même ceux assez accidentés, elle grimpe bien les pentes douces, mais ne grimpera non plus les montagnes à votre place. Ce qui m'a le plus séduit est vraiment le look de la trottinette et sa position de conduite. J'ai jamais été attiré par les plateaux des trottinettes classiques et j'avoue que la position de cette Beeper Trail est vraiment sympa. Les équipements correspondent bien à la description et font bien leur travail. J'ai hâte de pouvoir tester l'application qui n'est malheureusement pas disponible à l'heure où j'écris ce commentaire et permettra de tester pleinement la machine! Bref, je suis entièrement satisfait et je vais lui faire manger pas mal de kilomètres à cette trail!

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Off-road electric scooter CROSS-X 500W 48V 10Ah