Electric scooter CROSS • Lithium battery • 48V 1600W • Blue shock absorbers • Without saddle

: FX1600

The Beeper CROSS electric scooter is THE off-road scooter ! 

Sporty, sturdy and nasty, it's the ideal scooter for the trails and why not elsewhere...

Our Beeper CROSS FX1600 electric scooter with or without seat is our top of the range model, powerful, sporty and fun, it is ideal for full power road trips. 

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With or without saddle

Don't back down from any obstacle with the Beeper CROSS off-road scooter  

You have already adopted electric scooters but are looking for a scooter with which brave any obstacle ? 
Look no further and opt for the Beeper CROSS off-road electric scooter ! 
It will allow you to ride on inaccessible terrain with a classic electric scooter. Its 100% CROSS finishes makes it a robust and reliable product !
This powerful, sporty and fun top of the range model is ideal for full power road trips. 

Why choose the CROSS electric scooter ?

The Beeper CROSS off-road electric scooter is ideal for :

• A daily mode of transport on the road but also on rough roads,
• An occasional mode of transport to have fun on weekends on paths, country roads or private land.

The advantages of the Beeper CROSS

100% CROSS

The Beeper CROSS scooter is specially designed for off-roading with :

• Its front and rear suspensions,
• Its studded tyres,
• Its acceleration handle.


The Beeper CROSS scooter is equipped with a brush motor of 2000W max (1600W nominal) and a 48V lithium battery.
It therefore offers perfect features for off-road on more intense trips.
Indeed you will be able to travel up to 40 km with a single charge.*

As a reminder, autonomy varies according to many factors :
- the user (weight, build)
- the weather (temperature, rain, wind)
- the quality of the road (asphalt, gravel, paving stones)
- the routes taken (elevation gain, sloping or flat)
- the type of driving (jerky or constant use of the accelerator, and speed)
These factors should be taken into account when using your Personal Displacement Vehicle, the indicated autonomy is a data tested according to specific driving conditions.

*Maximum autonomy for a person weighing approximately 60 kg, at constant speed.


Its solid design with its steel frame and multi-ply studded tyres makes it a 100% CROSS product designed for all weather conditions (IPX4)


In addition to perfect technical characteristics for fun on short trips, the Beeper CROSS electric scooter is very comfortable with its front & rear suspensions and inflated tyres.
Our product is available with or without seat, so you choose according to your need !


The Beeper CROSS electric scooter is, despite its imposing size, completely transportable. In fact, you can easily fold it to save space when transporting it.

• Dimensions unfolded : 1450 x 1200 x 610 mm
• Dimensions folded : 1450 x 650 x 610 mm
• Platform height : 330 mm
• Ground clearance : 210 mm

A complete range

Our range of electric scooters CROSS is ultra complete, find the product you need among our different models :

• Economical, ideal for short trips : our FX1000 model • Lead battery • Battery life of 25 to 30 km max*
• Mid range ideal for off-road and intense trips : our FX1100 model • Lithium battery • Battery life of 30 to 35 km max*
• Powerful, sporty and fun for full power road trips : our FX1600 model • Lithium battery • Battery life of 35 to 40 km max*

*Maximum autonomy for a person weighing approximately 60 kg, at constant speed.

Ultra complete guarantees

Frame and Structure
10 year guarantee
Electronics and Mechanics
3 year guarantee
1 year guarantee

An efficient after sales service

Parts available

Beeper is committed to making all spare parts for the Beeper CROSS available for a minimum of 36 months*

Technicians who listen to you

Based in our premises, our technical team is at your disposal to help you in case of questions about the use of your Beeper CROSS or in case of technical problems.

*See complete terms in our GASSC 

31 Items
Waterproof index
Weight (in kg)
Gross 43kg / Net 38kg
LCD • Black and white • Multifunction
25 km/h max on public roads
40 km/h max on private roads
48V 18Ah • Lithium-ion
120 kg max
54,6V • 1,8Ah
Box : 1400 x 500 x 320 mm
Folded : 1450 x 650 x 610
Unfolded : 1450 x 1200 x 610 mm
Front and rear disc brakes
109 cm
35 to 40 km max
Single front & dual rear
1600W Nominal
2000W Max
14" inflated tyre • 2.5 bar
Ground clearance
21 cm
Platform height from the ground
33 cm
Audible warning
Lights and signage
Front and rear LED lights
Maximum slope
Charging time
9 to 12 hours
Ignition keys

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