Electric Scootcross XTREM

: FX5000

The Beeper XTREM electric scootcross is the FUN & POWERFUL machine par excellence.

Fast, powerful and with an aggressive look, it is ideal for intensive use on all terrains.


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Discover the Beeper XTREM electric scootcross

With its multiple features, the Beeper XTREM electric scootcross is ideal for everyone. It will allow you to go anywhere, even on the most difficult terrains, thanks to its cross wheels and its ultra-efficient 3000W motor.


Why choose the Beeper XTREM ?

The Beeper XTREM is the ideal electric scootcross for :

- Urban, peri-urban or rural people looking for a primary mode of leisure transport; and off-road enthusiasts;
- Urban, peri-urban or rural people looking for an occasional leisure mode of transport; and off-road enthusiasts.
- Urban people looking for a daily and main mode of transport and favouring comfort;

The advantages of the Beeper XTREM

Extra powerful

Equipped with a brushless motor of 3000W and a 60V lithium-ion battery, the Beeper XTREM offers optimal performance for daily and intensive use or on rough terrains.

Extra fast

Ultra rapide

The Beeper XTREM has a 2 speed menu, to reach a maximum speed of 45 km/h :
- Speed 1 = 25 km/h maximum
- Speed 2 = 45 km/h maximum

Our scootcross is therefore 100% compatible with the EDPM regulations published in 2019, as it is EEC approved and registerable in the prefecture for use on the road (above 25 km/h and up to 45 km/h).

XXL distance 

Ultra compacte

Travel the roads without limits thanks to the integrated 60V 20.0Ah lithium-ion battery. Indeed, the scootcross offers an autonomy of 45 to 55 km*

As a reminder, autonomy varies according to many factors :
- the user (weight, build)
- the weather (temperature, rain, wind)
- the quality of the road (asphalt, gravel, paving stones)
- the routes taken (elevation gain, sloping or flat)
- the type of driving (jerky or constant use of the accelerator, and speed)
These factors should be taken into account when using your Personal Displacement Vehicle, the indicated autonomy is a data tested according to specific driving conditions.

*Maximum autonomy for a person weighing approximately 60 kg, at constant speed.

Extra durable

Ultra maniable

The Beeper XTREM has been designed with ultra resistant materials in order to give you the best possible riding experience, no matter what the location.
Indeed, it is equipped with two inflated cross tyres of size 145/70-6 for good grip on the ground, while two shock absorbers at the front and rear provide optimum shock absorption. Finally, mechanical disc brakes at the front and rear provide safety and comfort when braking.

Extra practical

The Beeper XTREM is equipped with a complete driver's station with a large multi-colour LCD display to make driving practical and enjoyable every day.

Everything is present, for maximum comfort and safety :
- Speed engaged
- Driving speed
- Battery level indicator
- Mileage
- Indicators
- Scooter activation indicator (ON/OFF)
- Lights indicator

The display is complemented by 4 buttons on the handles to easily activate all functions :
- Activation of horn and indicators, Speed selection, on the left handle
- Battery level indication and Starter on the right handle.

Finally, the operation is very simple :
1. Put the key in the Neiman and turn it to switch on the ignition
2. Press the red button on the right handle to start the engine
3. Turn the right handle to accelerate
4. Brake using the brake handles located on each of the handles
5. Press the red button on the right handle to turn off the engine
6. Put the stand on to park the scootcross
7. Turn the ignition key and remove it from the Neiman

The plus ? The handlebars fold down easily for easy transport.

Extra secure

In terms of safety, everything is assured :
- Drive by day or night, thanks to its powerful integrated LED lights at the front and rear
- Signal your movements in complete safety thanks to the LED indicators at the front and rear
- Warn other road users of your presence with the integrated horn 
- Ride over rugged roads in comfort thanks to its dual shock absorbers
- Brake efficiently thanks to its two mechanical disc brakes

Extra versatile

The Beeper XTREM is EEC approved for use on the road. You will find the certificate of conformity in the box so that you can take the necessary steps at the prefecture for its registration.

In addition, it has all the necessary safety equipment :
- Front & rear lighting
- Reflective devices
- Audible warning device
- Rear view mirrors
- Turn signals

The plus ? The integrated number plate holder for easy attachment of your number plate.

Please note that the use of an electric scootcross on the road requires compliance with certain rules :
- respect for the Highway Code;
- be over 18 years old and have a driving licence (or the BSR for people aged between 15 and 18);
- wearing of an approved moped helmet 
- subscription to adequate insurance 

Ultra complete guarantees

Frame and Structure

10 year guarantee

Electronics and Mechanics

3 year guarantee


6 months guarantee

An efficient after sales service

Parts available

Beeper is committed to making all spare parts for the Beeper XTREM available for a minimum of 48 months*

Technicians who listen to you

Based in our premises, our technical team is at your disposal to help you in case of questions about the use of your Beeper XTREM electric scootcross or in case of technical problems.

*See complete terms in our GASSC 
6 months to 10 years (depending on parts)
Display type
Multifunctional colour LCD
Weight (in kg)
Maximum supported weight 110kg
gross : 62 kg
net : 58 kg
Indication of autonomy
Handlebar & Display
45 km/h max
Lithium-ion 60V - 20.0 Ah
42V - 2A
Side and folding
Front & rear mechanical disc brakes
45 to 55 km max.
Front & rear double shock absorbers
Inflated tyres 145/70-6 • 2.5bars
Ground clearance
11 cm
Audible warning
Integrated horn
Lights and signage
Front & rear LED lights • Front & rear indicators
Maximum slope

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Electric Scootcross XTREM