Balaclava (bike/scooter balaclava)

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Discover the Beeper balaclava or balaclava for multi-use,

Ultra practical, warm and compatible for everyone, you can use it to put under a helmet, for outdoor sports, etc.


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Discover the Beeper balaclava or balaclava

Why choose the Beeper balaclava?

The Beeper balaclava or balaclava is perfect for keeping your head warm during your winter activities.

Its thin but ultra warm design will allow you to wear the Beeper balaclava under your helmet to keep warm on the go.

The + of the Beeper balaclava

Ultra hot

The Beeper balaclava is ultra warm; its fleece interior and its polyester layer on the outside help to maintain uniform and optimal heat for the entire head, nose and neck.

The open fabric on the nose and mouth as well as the anti-dust filter allow you to breathe easily and comfortably while retaining warmth.

Its waterproof design will allow you to use it in bad weather while staying dry.

Ultra-qualitative finishes

The Beeper balaclava has ultra-qualitative finishes; it has a reflective strip giving you greater visibility compared to other road users.
You can also enlarge the base of the neck by pulling up the zipper in order to be more comfortable when using the hood.

The Beeper hood is made of three main materials:

• The exterior in 3-layer polyester spandey nylon, providing you with waterproofing but also allowing you to standardize and retain heat.
• The fleece-lined interior gives you uniform warmth and softness during use.
• Breathable cellular mesh on the nose and mouth lets you breathe easier while retaining warmth.

Finally, the finishes with double and triple topstitching ensure that the various elements are held in place very well and neutralize any tearing in these areas.

Suitable for all

Its polyester design allows it a very good elasticity which makes it compatible with head sizes ranging from 56 to 64 cm.

Its dimensions are 26 x 41.5 x 37 cm

A multitude of possibilities

You can wear the Beeper balaclava in multiple ways;

• In full hood, protecting the head, nose and mouth,
• You can also easily clear the nose and mouth,
• You can choose to protect your nose and mouth while clearing your head,
• You can use it only as a neck warmer.
• And still a multitude of possibilities!

Ultra-comprehensive warranties

Technicians who listen to you

Based in our premises (near Lyon), our technical team is at your disposal to help you in case of problems.

Finally, your product benefits from a 3-year guarantee.*

*See terms in our GASSC.

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Balaclava (bike/scooter balaclava)