Solar & Wireless Parking Barrier

: HL101

Keep your parking place PRIVATE with the Beeper solar & wireless parking barrier. It can be activated with one click using the two supplied remote controls and its integrated solar panel ensures that the barrier is always charged.

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No more unpleasant surprises

You don't have a garage ? Our solar and wireless parking barrier is made for you. Permanently fixed to the ground thanks to the supplied fixing kit, the battery effectively protects your private space. 

100% wireless, 100% practical

The Beeper solar & wireless parking barrier is supplied with 2 wireless remote controls with a range of 15 metres for remote activation, without having to get out of your vehicle.

With one click, the barrier opens or closes for 100% simple and practical use.


You rode on your product ? Don't worry ! Our solar & wireless parking barrier can withstand a load of up to 500 kg. 

Always charged, always ready

Our parking barrier has an integrated solar panel so that it is always charged and ready for use.

Out of sunlight or installation in a box ? No problem, the barrier's battery can be recharged from the mains so that you can use your product in all circumstances.

54 Items
Remote controls range
15 metres
Waterproof index
Supply voltage
Weight (in kg)
Gross : 8.5 kg
Net : 8 kg
Operating temperature
-10°C / +55°C
Integrated alarm
Yes, in case of forced closure
1 mA in standby
1.2A in operation

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