• RK018/8 • Radar de recul avt/arr. 8 capteurs
  • RK018/8 • Radar de recul avt/arr. 8 capteurs
  • RK018/8 • Radar de recul avt/arr. 8 capteurs
  • RK018/8 • Radar de recul avt/arr. 8 capteurs
  • RK018/8 • Radar de recul avt/arr. 8 capteurs
RK018/8 • Radar de recul avt/arr. 8 capteurs

Front & rear radar with 8 sensors and LCD display • RK018/8

: RK018/8

RK018/8 • Front/rear reversing radar with LCD display • 8 sensors.

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The RK018/8 radar allows the detection of front & rear obstacles. The LCD screen display shows the distance in meters and the position of the obstacle by sensors. A progressive sound alert identifies the risk of proximity to the obstacle. The neat design of the interface allows it to fit perfectly on your dashboard.

For increased comfort

The front and rear detections are independent and do not operate at the same time so as not to disturb the driver. Rear detection is automatically activated when the vehicle is shifted into reverse and is interrupted when it is shifted into forward gear. Front detection is activated automatically when the brake pedal is pressed and is timed for 10 seconds : when you park your vehicle in forward gear (e.g. in diagonal), any front impact is avoided.

It is possible to deactivate the front sensors using a switch supplied in the kit to avoid untimely triggers during rain, snow or hail. The front sensors detect any obstacle from 30 cm.

Composition of the kit 

More security

The BEEPER RK018/8 is equipped with 8 ultrasonic sensors for an optimal detection zone, so it detects all obstacles, reduces the risk of collisions and the associated repair costs. So be confident when manoeuvring, exiting car parks, garages, etc ... 

Main functions 

- Front and rear obstacle detection
- Hi-tech design for optimal integration
- 3 sound levels of alert
- Adjustable sound level of the buzzer
- Detection from 0.3 to 1.5 m. at the rear
- Detection from 0.3 to 1.2 m. at the front
- Indication of right/middle/left obstacle position
- 12V power supply
- 4 front sensors / 4 rear sensors
- Operating temperature - 30° to +80°C.
- Cable between central and sensor 2.5 m at the rear and 6 m at the front
- Display dimensions : 8,2 cm (L) x 3,3 cm (W) x 1,2 cm (Depth)

Installation of the sensors 

The sensors must be placed at least 50cm from the ground. Indeed, sensors placed lower will detect the ground, which will generate untimely triggers. 

The sensors can be covered with a veil of paint for a perfect finish.

On certain vehicles the +12 V reversing light is interfered with when the engine is running which can disturb the correct operation of the reversing radar kit. In other cases, this +12 V reversing Light does not allow any additional appliance. 
For all these vehicles, Beeper has developed the RCANR2 module in order to retrieve the +12V Reversing Light information from the CANBUS network. This module connects to the CANBUS of the compatible vehicle and provides a +12V Reversing Light for the connection of a reversing camera
You will find this RCANR2 canbus module by clicking HERE

Product not compatible with a metal bumper.

The BEEPER RK018 is of course a complete kit, delivered with all the accessories necessary for the assembly, as well as a simple and clear assembly instructions

34 Items
Certifications are available soon.
3 years
Type of connection between the central and the display
Wired connection
Display type
LCD digital display
Type of sensors
Ultrasonic sensors to be drilled
Number of ultrasonic sensors
Number of radar alerts
Type of radar alert
Audible alert by BEEPS
Type d'alimentation de l'afficheur
Alimentation 12V
Type of radar activation
Independent activation by switch (supplied)
Sensors detection in centimetres
Rear detection 150-30cm
Weight (in kg)
Sensors diameter
22 mm
Hitch compatible
Installation level
Type of radar detection
Front / Rear
Display dimensions
7 long
8.2 cm (L) x 3.3 cm (W) x 1.2 cm (D)
Depth of the sensors
Type of vehicle
Light vehicle

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