• Kit video de recul QUAD 7?
Kit video de recul QUAD 7?

Professional reversing video kit with 7'' LCD Quad screen • BPRO-76

: BPRO-76

The Beeper BPRO-76 system has a 7" screen that can be divided into 2, 3 or 4 zones. The basic kit is offered with a single camera, but it can accommodate 3 others (front, left & right). The cameras can be controlled by the vehicle's electrical components: right & left indicators, reversing light, optional switch, etc.

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QUAD screen = 4 times more security

The screen of the Beeper BPRO-76 kit has video inputs, so you can install up to 4 cameras with your basic kit (1 camera included). The screen then adapts accordingly and allows you multiple possible visions : 1 zone, 2 zones, 3 zones, 4 zones.

Waterproof camera

The camera of the Beeper BPRO-76 kit is IP69K certified, so it is waterproof against water splashes and high pressure cleaning.

Optimised night vision

The camera of the Beeper BPRO-76 kit is gilded with 18 infrared LEDs, for optimal vision even in low light.


The Beeper BPRO-76 kit has total dimensions of :

- Screen : 182 x 122 x 25 mm
- Camera : 75 x 62 x 55 mm

3 Items
Waterproof index
vision angle
Night vision
18 infrared LEDs
Camera dimensions
75 x 55 x 62 mm
Weight in kilos
HD Color LCD Screen
Screen type
5.8 Kg
Diagonal of the screen
7'' (18 cm)
Supply voltage
12V / 24V
Type of vehicle
Professional vehicle

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