• Kit vidéo de recul Transmission WIFI
  • Kit vidéo de recul Transmission WIFI
  • Kit vidéo de recul Transmission WIFI
Kit vidéo de recul Transmission WIFI

Professional WIFI rear view camera • H3WIFI


WIFI reversing camera kit & iOS/Android smarpthone app for industrial vehicles, vans and motorhomes.

The Beeper H3WIFI simplifies your life with its wireless wifi rear view camera connected to your smartphone screen !

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The Beeper kit H3WIFI is a kit that allows you to quickly and easily install your wifi rear view camera on your vehicle, whether it is a van, truck, motorhome etc. Designed to equip large vehicles, the Beeper wireless camera (wifi transmission) H3WIFI connects directly to your smartphone. There is no screen to install, your smartphone or mobile tablet takes over via a 100% universal application, compatible with iOS & Android.

Composition of the Beeper kit H3WIFI

• A = PRO wifi rear view camera with antenna

• B = Beeper camera H3WIFI power cable

• C = 2 screws & Allen key

Dimensions of the wifi rear view camera kit

• Wifi rear view camera dimensions = 95x73x100 mm (antenna height = 120 mm)

Download of the smartphone application connected to the wifi rear view camera

The WifiCamera Beeper H3WIFI system works with an iOS & Android compatible smartphone application. Indeed, you don't need to install a remote screen to view the image of your rear view camera, your smartphone does it for you !

To use the system, it's very simple :

• On iOS (Apple), go to the AppStore and search for the "SWD Camera" app.

• On Android, go to the PlayStore and search for the "SWD Camera" app.

>> Functions of the smartphone application

• Vision of the reversing zone : When you open the app, the reversing zone of your vehicle is displayed with template lines. You can remove them by clicking on the button. /! On the Android application, it is not possible to remove the template lines on the image.

• Capturing photos : You can capture photos of the reversing zone by clicking on the C (Apple) or B (Android) button.

• Viewing captured images : On Apple smartphone, you can view the captured images by going to the photo album on your phone. On your Android smartphone, you can view the photos directly by clicking on the button.

Guarantee of the Beeper WifiCamera H3WIFI

As part of our quality approach we guarantee the Beeper reversing camera kit H3wifi for a period of 3 years. In the event of a problem, your product will be received by our after-sales service in Villefranche-sur-saone (near Lyon) and processed as soon as possible !

Waterproof index
IP68 (do not clean with high pressure jet)
vision angle
Night vision
28 IR LEDs
Weight in kilos
700g (net weight) / 850g (gross weight)
Supply voltage
Android compatible
Yes (SWD Camera application)
Iphone compatible
Yes (SWD Camera application)
Operating temperature of the camera
-30°C / +80°C
Free field range
100 m
640x480 px
Coloured cardboard box
Packaging dimensions
184x175x68 mm
Type of vehicle
Light vehicle
Professional vehicle
Recreational vehicle

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