Rear view set • Cam IR92° shutter heat • Monitor LCD 7'' • 15 m

: BPRO-77

The Beeper BPRO-77 kit is the most advanced rear view video system  to ensure the best rear view of your vehicle. The worst weather conditions will not interfere with the safety of your vehicle. The automatic shutter protects the lens when the camera is not in use. An automatic heater activates as soon as the outside temperature falls below +10°C.

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Heated camera 

The camera of the Beeper BPRO-77 kit allows you an optimal use, even in difficult climatic conditions. Indeed, it is equipped with a heating function that detects variations of extreme temperatures. Thus, when the outside temperature drops below +10°C, the lens heats up to maintain optimal operation.

Waterproof camera

The camera of the Beeper BPRO-77 kit is IP69K certified, so it is waterproof against water splashes and high pressure cleaning.

Optimised night vision

The camera of the Beeper BPRO-77 kit is gilded with 18 infrared LEDs, for optimal vision even in low light.


The Beeper BPRO-77 kit has total dimensions of :

- Screen : 182 x 122 x 25 mm
- Camera : 110 x 84 x 80 mm

3 Items
Waterproof index
IP69K (camera)
Cable length
15 metres
vision angle
Night vision
18 infrared LEDs
Camera functions
Heated camera
Screen type
HD Color LCD
Diagonal of the screen
7'' (18 cm)
Supply voltage
Type of vehicle
Professional vehicle
Number of video inputs

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