EV charging plug Mode 2 Type 2 to blue CEE plug - Lenght 10 m

: HYB02-10

Efficiently charge your electric or rechargeable hybrid vehicle with our e•charge PLUS cable.


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100% Quality

The products of the e•charge have been designed to guarantee you a safe use :
- The sockets are made of copper alloy, silver plating and nickel for a reliable transmission and to avoid overheating.
- The shells are made of thermoformed polyurethane to ensure sturdiness, rigidity and durability.
- The silicone seals on the sockets and chargers are guaranteed IP54 and IP65, for optimum watertightness.

100% Reliable

Because we don't mess around with safety, our products have been tested and validated by an independent quality control organisation : SGS.

As a result, the use of our chargers does not affect your vehicle's guarantee and does not harm your electrical installation.

ATTENTION : First of all, it is essential to have your electrical installation checked by a professional and to use a socket dedicated to charging your electric or rechargeable hybrid vehicle. Indeed, recharging an electric or rechargeable hybrid vehicle requires a current of 8/10A continuously for several hours, so avoid any risk of heating by using it for recharging only. 

Designed to last

A FRENCH brand at your service

From design to distribution, Beeper® is a 100% French brand.
Our production is outsourced to China and certified by a French quality control organism (SGS).

By choosing a Beeper® product, you are contributing to the economic development and creation of French jobs.

A foolproof guarantee

Our products are durable, reliable and rated for over 100,000 uses.

In the event of the slightest problem, we provide a standard exchange for the e-charge range in less than 24 hours.*

*minimum time period observed.

Simple and Universal

100% safety

The Beeper e•charge PLUS charger is optimised for your safety and that of your vehicle or installation :

• Overvoltage and undervoltage protection
• Protection against hot disconnection and arcing
• Phase shift detection
• Blackout protection
• Temperature resistance (-30°C to +50°C)
• Overheating protection
• Temperature monitoring
• Water and dust proof (IP66)
• Autonomous load management
• Self-diagnosis of operation, frequency and connection contacts
• Protection against theft and sabotage
• Shock and impact resistance

In addition, our product complies with current standards (EMC), comes from a certified and supervised manufacturing site (ISO) and is controlled by an independent organisation (SGS).

100% compatible

Equipped with a Type 2 vehicle socket and a CEE Mennekes wall socket, the Beeper e•charge PLUS cable is therefore compatible with all vehicles on the market with a Type 2 socket.

Find the (indicative and non-exhaustive) list of compatibility of charging cables for electric and rechargeable hybrid vehicles with a type 2 socket on our dedicated mini-site www.beeperecharge.com.

10 Items
Thermoplastic plastic (UL94VO insulation flammability)
Operating temperature
-30°C to +50°C
Storage temperature
-40°C to +70°C
Wall power outlet
Mennekes type EEC
Connector type
Type 2 socket (IEC 62196-2)
Electrical resistance
More than 1000 megaohm
Breakdown voltage
2 000V
Increasing the temperature of the terminal
Less than 50K
Impedance / Contact resistance
0.5 miliohm
Nominal frequency
50 Hz / 60 Hz
Maximum vibration resistance
Complies with JDQ 53.3 requirements
Charging power
7,4 kW
Overvoltage category
Residual current detection
30 mA
Number of uses
More than 10,000 times
Sealing gasket
Silicone rubber
Input cable specifications
3 x 6 mm2
Output cable specifications
3 x 6 mm2 + 2 x 0,5 mm2
Cable diameter
12 mm
Cable length
10 m
waterproofing index
IP54 connector
IP66 charger
Input voltage
210 to 250V
Net weight
4.6 kg
Gross weight
4,75 kg
Load selection
10A • 16A • 20A • 24A • 32A

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EV charging plug Mode 2 Type 2 to blue CEE plug - Lenght 10 m