• RWEC99X • Kit caméra de recul • écran 7"
  • RWEC99X • Kit caméra de recul • écran 7"
  • RWEC99X • Kit caméra de recul • écran 7"
  • RWEC99X • Kit caméra de recul • écran 7"
  • RWEC99X • Kit caméra de recul • écran 7"
  • RWEC99X • Kit caméra de recul • écran 7"
  • RWEC99X • Kit caméra de recul • écran 7"
RWEC99X • Kit caméra de recul • écran 7"

Reversing video kit with 7" LCD screen • RWEC99X


RWEC99X • Combined rear view/reversing video : 7" (approx. 18 cm) wide-angle 16:9 screen • 140° camera • 15 metres of cable.

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With its high definition 7 inch LCD screen, the BEEPER RWEC99X allows you to ensure a peripheral vision of your vehicle.

The integration of this one is moreover very easy because of its small size and its small footprint. Its IP67 certified colour camera is weatherproof (only IP69K cameras are resistant to high pressure washers).

Kit composition 

The RWEC99X reversing video kit contains :

- a 7" LCD screen (18 cm) 

- a camera

- a 15m cable

- a screen holder

Main functions

Each component of the BEEPER RWEC99X has been designed for ease of use :

- Galvanised aluminium camera housing
- Highly resistant swivel camera support
- IP67 waterproof rating
- Operating voltage of 12V/24V DC
- Integrated microphone
- Infrared night vision
- Automatic adaptation to ambient light
- 15m shielded cable with waterproof connectors
- 7" TFT LCD screen
- Up to 2 cameras can be connected
- Adjustable volume, brightness and contrast of the screen

Installation of the screen in the passenger compartment 

Installation of the camera 

Night vision 

The camera in the Beeper RWEC99X kit is equipped with 18 infrared LEDs, which have the ability to detect the level of light, thus making it possible to provide the best possible night vision. 

Please note that the operation of the LEDs is not perceptible to the naked eye.

These LEDs are a real asset for night vision, but they can sometimes distort the real colours of surrounding objects or obstacles (e.g. pinky vegetation). However, this constraint remains negligible compared to the overall performance of the product.

Two types of vision possible

Distance visualisation templates

Distance visualization template lines appear on the screen, which allow the best evaluation of the distances between the vehicle and the obstacle.These template lines can be deactivated when the product is installed if desired.

Screen functions 

AV1• AV2 : Selection of camera 1 or 2 If you have installed 2 cameras or if another video source (DVD player, ...) is connected to the screen, this button allows you to switch the second video source.

Possible settings :

- image rotation up and down possible.
- the inversion of the image right-left or mirror effect: useful if the camera is moved to the front. This function is useful when installing or changing the position of the screen or camera

More security

Powered directly by the "plus after contact" or via the rear reversing light, the BEEPER RWEC99X can be used for rear-viewing, permanent vision of the rear of the vehicle, or simply for reversing manoeuvres (reversing video).

With an operating voltage of 12-24V DC, the BEEPER RWEC99X is suitable for a commercial vehicle, an industrial vehicle or a motor home.

On certain vehicles the +12 V reversing light is interfered with when the engine is running which can disturb the correct operation of the reversing radar kit. In other cases, this +12 V reversing Light does not allow any additional appliance. 
For all these vehicles, Beeper has developed the RCANR2 module in order to retrieve the +12V Reversing Light information from the CANBUS network. This module connects to the CANBUS of the compatible vehicle and provides a +12V Reversing Light for the connection of a reversing camera. 
You will find this RCANR2 canbus module by clicking HERE

The BEEPER RWEC99X is of course a complete kit, delivered with all the accessories necessary for the assembly, as well as a simple and clear assembly instructions. EXISTS in 24V => RWEC99X/24

Certifications are available soon.
1 year
Camera - monitor link
Camera housing
Galvanised aluminium
Waterproof index
Cable length
15m waterproof cable
vision angle
Night vision
Camera definition
High definition
Camera functions
Brightness adaptation
Camera storage temperature
Camera dimensions
from 10 to 50 cm
Weight in kilos
from 1 to 2 kilos
Screen type
Diagonal of the screen
7" (18 cm)
Supply voltage
12 V. DC
Screen support
Fixing ball joint
Screen settings
Type of installation
Operating temperature of the camera
Operation of the display
Button controls
Screen connection
2 available camera inputs + front input
Screen functions
Built-in speaker
Screen dimensions
from 10 to 50 cm
Weight of the screen in kilos
less than 1 kilo
Type of vehicle
Professional vehicle
Recreational vehicle

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