Differentiated socket for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles

: HYB-P01

Optimise your electrical installation for safe charging of your electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle.


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Secure & 100% adapted to the charging of electric vehicles

Our differentiated socket is specially designed for charging all electric vehicles with a mode 2 cable. It is particularly suitable for electric cars or rechargeable hybrids as it allows slow charging, unlike conventional sockets which only support this type of intensity for short periods of time.

Ideal for all your electric vehicles

Equipped with two covers with distinctive markings, it clearly and simply identifies the line dedicated to charging your electric vehicle.

WARNING : Before anything else, it is essential to have your electrical installation checked by a professional and to use a socket dedicated to recharging your electric or rechargeable hybrid vehicle. Recharging an electric or rechargeable hybrid vehicle requires a current of 8/10A continuously for several hours, so avoid any risk of overheating by using it for recharging on. 

8 Items
Waterproof index
81x75x58 mm
Operating temperature
+5°C to +40°C
Storage temperature
-25°C to +50°C
Net weight
0.15 kg
Gross weight
0.20 kg

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Differentiated socket for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles