Reusable non-slip collars for snow & mud • SR2-N

: SR2-N


SR2-N • Reusable emergency non-slip snow and mud collars

Don't get stuck anymore : Get your vehicle out of the snow or mud in no time with the BEEPER Snowrings !


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The most effective solution to get you out of there !

BEEPER Snowrings SR2-N is a reusable emergency traction aid designed for all motorists. This innovative product allows drivers to easily and quickly get out their vehicle from critical situations of poor grip: ice, mud, snow, etc.

Easy to install, BEEPER Snowrings SR2-N is suitable for most passenger vehicle tyres and can be installed in a few minutes on alloy and alluminium rims, it is not suitable for sheet metal and steel rims (with protruding edges).

BEEPER Snowrings SR2-N is an ideal emergency traction aid solution :

- Very economical and easy to use. 
- A super easy installation in a few minutes without any knowledge. 
- Rubber grip + metal hook for extra grip on snow, ice and mud. 
- Easy storage in the boot or on the back seat. 
- Easy to transport thanks to its bag !

  Ideal for snow, ice, mud  
  Emergency traction solution in case of blocking, getting stuck, skidding 
  Quick and easy installation in less than 2 minutes per wheel 
  Suitable for most vehicle wheels (saloon, 4x4, motorhome, van) 
  Reusable zip collar

Kit contents

•  10 non-slip collars (5 per wheel)
•  1 pair of protective gloves
•  1 installation manual
•  1 transport bag

100% quick & easy installation

Want to make your life easier ? With the BEEPER Snowrings SR2-N, freeing your vehicle becomes child's play !

/! Before installation, determine the direction of rotation of the wheel in order to free yourself (forward or reverse). Place the collar in stop of a rim's pillar according to the direction of rotation following the diagram above.

1. Be sure to tighten the collar as close to the tyre as possible, to prevent movement of the collar and ensure maximum efficiency.
2. Place the collar around the wheel of the tyre, tightening it as much as possible against the tyre and the rim, then pass the rod through hole no. 1 and the bottom outlet, then tighten firmly.
3. Place the collar through hole 2, the clasp and the middle outlet, and tighten firmly.
4. To finish, pass the rest of the collar through hole 3 and the top outlet, tightening firmly.
5. Get out of there and ride ! Depending on your level of blockading, you can use 3 to 5 collars per wheel and on one or both drive wheels at the same time. The use of the collars is temporary until you get out of the blocking area. The collars are reusable, you just have to remove them and store them in their bag.

/! Be careful not to install the collar closure system near the tyre valve.

It is not recommended to drive at more than 20 km/h in order not to destroy the collars.


Each collar is 985 mm long and 55 mm wide. The thickness is 2,5 mm on the length and 30 mm for the part with the clasp.

Suitable for wheels with a maximum perimeter of 740 mm. For example, a large 255 (width) / 70 (height) / R18 (? of rim) is compatible. To check the compatibility of your tyre, calculate the perimeter : (width x 2 + height x 2) + 10%, this total must be less than 740 mm.

Installation and use precautions

Product designed for alloy rims (or aluminium rims), do not install on sheet metal rims.

This product cannot be considered as special equipment according to the decree of 18 July 1985 relating to non-slip devices fitted to tyres, it is defined as removable winter equipment and is only considered as a starting device for very exceptional use.

48 Items
Installation time
2 minutes per wheel
2 years
Weight in kilos
3.5 kg complete set of 10 Snowrings SR2-N + transport bag
985x55x30 mm
Type of vehicle
Light vehicle

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Reusable non-slip collars for snow & mud • SR2-N